Outsource Virtual Staging Services

At Photo Editing Services India, we understand the importance of a single transaction in the real estate industry. It is very common that a lucrative deal is lost only because the client is unsure of the look-and-feel of the interiors once furnished. No doubts that in current time, virtual staging can be used effectively in real estate industry by giving them a virtual feel through digitally furnished units.

Photo Editing Services India is a leading real estate virtual staging services provider based out of India, and has the requisite infrastructure, expertise, and resources to meet any virtual staging requirements. We use the newest state-of-the-art technologies to effectively render realistic physical dimensions of a property.

Virtual Staging

Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Staging Services

Provide Photorealistic-Quality Images - Our virtual home staging services help in transforming real estate images into attractive, influential and realistic pictures. The photos created by our real estate virtual staging service experts enable buyers to get better idea on actual look of different rooms and enhance chances of sale for sellers.

Render Realistic Housing Interiors - To find prospective buyers and ensure successful real estate deals, showcasing images of houses with furnished interiors is essential which Photo Editing Services India handles.

Display Cohesive Designs - virtual staging helps you to save your time and money as real estate property can be visualized exactly the way it has been planned.

Help buyers visualize their personal choice - At Photo Editing Services India, real estate sellers can simply express their need and we will be able to furnish the property using custom furniture and embellishment available with us.

Define Accurate Sizing and Placements - At Photo Editing Services India our editing experts, can transform a simple photo of an empty room into a fully furnished home for prospective customers with proper defined angles, lighting, shapes, textures, colors, proportions and placements.

Our Virtual Staging Customers

From the last 18+ years our photo editing experts have been catering to a wide range of clientele that includes: -

  • Real Estate Developers and Agents
  • Manufacturers and Retailers of Furniture and Furnishings
  • Interior Decoration Agencies and Interior Designers
  • Fashion Magazines and Studio Decorations
  • Architecture Magazines

Photo Editing Services India - Virtual Staging Process

Scoping Work - Describe scope of work, make sure comprehensive specifics available

Effort & Pricing - Indication of time, resources and pricing

Project Assignment - Project Manager sets up team and resources

Establish Concept - Receive drawings from client, Understand concept

Create Model - Team presents 2D drawings and concepts to detailed 3D models

Texturing & Lighting - Texture and color added, Light properties defined

Drafts shared - Share outputs with Client, gather feedback related to design

Final Edits - Changes according to client inputs, Clean up Furniture Model, Undergo thorough quality check

Final Render - Render and generated 3D Furniture model

Final Delivery - Edit Final 3D furniture model, Share using client preferred method

Why Choose Photo Editing Services India for Virtual Real Estate Staging Services?

Sell real estate faster - Vacant real estate takes long time to sale, on the other hand staged homes sell faster and for higher value. Our real estate virtual staging services made it easy for sellers who generally face trouble in envisaging the potential of an empty home!

Portray real estate images attractively - Virtual Real Estate Staging Services gives 100% results to both sellers and buyers

Stage a home virtually - To stage a home virtually, Photo Editing Services India offers home staging services where from a simple photo of an empty room, our editing experts can make the home look fully furnished and appealing using advanced 3D rendering technology

Make use of the latest 3D rendering technologies - Photo Editing Services India uses the latest 3D rendering technologies to effectively render realistic physical dimensions of a property. We have a customized catalog of furniture designs that clients can choose from

Better Visualization - Your real estate property can be visualized exactly the way it has been planned when you outsource virtual staging services to us. Moreover, you save on effort, time and revenue without compromising on quality

Customized services - At Photo Editing Services India, our CAD professionals can accessorize any real estate image by adding furnishings and any other elements to it, as per the client's preferences

Outsource Virtual Staging Services to Photo Editing Services India

Photo Editing Services India helps minimize effort, time and cost by using latest 3D rendering technologies effectively. Our professionals apply the latest and advanced 3D rendering technology to ensure realistic images for customers. Our experienced team has the efficiency to translate real estate sellers' requirements into realistic images which boosts a sale. Our years of experience in real estate virtual staging allows us to perform following processes expertly:

  • Virtual Staging (Digitally Adding Furniture and Decor)
  • Envisioning (Virtual Construction)
  • Remodeling (Structural Edits)
  • Restyling (Existing Old Furniture Removal & New Staging)

Actually, we can create 3D furniture models based on customer inputs and we also have our own catalog of furniture which customers can choose from. Choose us as your virtual staging services partner and trigger buyers imagination for property as soon as they see photographs on online portal. We, at Photo Editing Services India will be glad to assist. To take it a step further, we can provide customers with a 360° virtual tour.

To know more about our Real Estate 360 Degree Virtual Tours. Just imagine the satisfaction level of a potential shopper when magnificent interiors or furniture displayed in the real estate property.


Why Choose Photo Editing Services India?

  • Our professionals use latest tools, software and technology
  • Access to highly skilled real estate virtual staging experts
  • More than 500 brands and companies trust us
  • Quick turnaround and your privacy guaranteed
  • We offer 5 rounds of revisions to make sure you’re happy with the results
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